Kaden Lebsack

Birthdate: September 3, 2005

Nick name: Super K



Once I saw American Ninja Warrior on NBC I was hooked.  I train at Ninja Intensity every single day unless I'm out at a competition.  Some of my biggest accomplishments are:​

  • back to back UBW Grand Champion

  • 2nd Place UNAA World Finals

  • 3rd Place UNX Finals

  • 2nd Place Next Level Ninja Games

  • 2nd Place Season 2 American Ninja Warrior Jr

  • Season 13 contestant on American Ninja Warrior

    • 1st place in qualifying ​episode.

  • CEO of Bucket of Chalk, LLC

  • Won Colorado Wakeboard champion at 10 years old.

  • Youngest competitor to podium in pro division at UNAA finals.

  • Loves Oreo's 

  • Won a car at 14 years old.